Young riders find out lou is a girl

If you're willing to look past that it's a decent story. Lou was sexually assaulted by the man who ran the brothel. Cody believes that due to the new rising use of the telegraph, The Pony Express will soon die out.

As it entered its second season, he renewed his praise, noting the more successful series was now "thumbing its nose at all the prognosticators" who had considered it unlikely to succeed. They do not consider that having a baby will change their lives forever or the possibility of getting an STD.

Thus begins a journey for Louise and The Kid into the unknown and the hope of keeping their promises to both themselves and to those they love. They back off because they realize that they are not really interested in each other in that way.

He did, however, praise the series cinematography as being "more like a film than a TV series, very beautiful with lots of soft light". Kid proposes to Lou again and she finally accepts. In Novemberit ranked 60th out of 84 programs for its time slot in the Nielsen ratings. Her friend, Noah Dixon, puts his life in danger after buying slaves that are meant to be freed in order for them to take a boat back to Africa.

Her friend, Noah Dixon, puts his life in danger after buying slaves that are meant to be freed in order for them to take a boat back to Africa. April 6, Teaspoon's old friend, a war hero, endangers everyone in Sweetwater when he orders an attack on a Sioux peace delegation.

In this episode, Ike McSwain dies. Lou sneaks into the compound to help rescue Amanda, but is caught and captured. Can the riders sort out the mess before Sweetwater ends up in the middle of the conflict. The riders discover Jimmy has left behind a daughter after his death.

How do you find information or pictures of Lou Breese?

Teaspoon came out, followed by Emma Shannon, and the other riders came to attention. You Tube is a good place to look they have every video you can possibly imagine and more. Considering it a rip off of the films Young Guns and The Long RidersTucker considered the series failed at period authenticity and thought the riders dressed no different from s young adults.

Buck, Cody, and Ike shook their heads. Guthy-Renker manufactured Power Riders. On their way back to Rock Creek, Lou stops by Seneca and picks up her wedding dress. Kid explains and they make up. An enemy thought dead hunts for Teaspoon.

After he sees the Army head out to attack the Southern Raiders, Noah is killed when the attack is foiled by Frank. She likes bubble baths and dresses, and wants to marry and have kids even if it means surrendering some control over her life to her husband as it usually did mean, in that time period.

Fiction T - English - Chapters: They rode in, hitched their horses to a pole, and then headed off. Cody joins the Army as a scout, much to the disappointment of the other Riders and the great disapproval of Teaspoon.

Kid and Noah ride to the rescue. They looked at each other and laughed. Jimmy tries to find out what happened when Isiah's home is attacked and Isiah is killed.

This place is weird, Lou thought. In what episode of Buffy is spike young. This is a sequel to my story "That Summer". Part 2 Frank comes back to take Jesse home and he is torn between his loyalty to his brother and his home state and his loyalty to his friends at The Pony Express station. While Teaspoon and the other boys are Lou passes herself off as a boy and becomes a rider for the Pony Express.

Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there; I do not sleep. The Kid finds out in the pilot: Lou is shot and Kid tries to help and sees that she's not a guy. The other riders find out in the season one episode "Bad Blood," in which Lou reunites with her. Sep 20,  · Their final member was Lou, a young woman who lived and worked with the riders disguised as a boy.

They were later joined by Noah Dixon. Written by Marg Baskin /10(K). A new rider is hired to replace Lou when she gets married.

Character Study: Lou from ‘Young Riders’

When the new rider dissappears on his first ride Lou and Jimmy ride out to check on him. We know some bits and pieces about Lou's past. Kid was the first to find out she was a girl and kept it a secret thankfully. Louise also went through many changes, from her boyish behaviour to starting to dress like a young woman around her fellow riders- her family.

In the end she and the Kid were married and we can only hope they lived. The Young Riders (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

He now is after his stolen money, and the young girl who escaped him years ago. Lou, along with the rest of her rider family, must face her devastating past if she is to have a chance at a future.

Episode Reference: Goodnight, Sweet Charlotte *Post-episode *alternative ending (Complete).

Young riders find out lou is a girl
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