Technical efficiency of public district hospitals

Journal of Medical Systems26 1: The maternal mortality per live births is The Planning Unit in the Ministry of Health with support from the World Health Organization decided to undertake a limited pilot study to demonstrate to policy-makers the potential usefulness of DEA in the pursuit of health sector efficiency objectives.

A client retains a lawyer to give sound advice even when that advice may not be what the client wants to hear.

Technical efficiency of public district hospitals and health centres in Ghana: a pilot study

In both of these cases, the discharged employee was not insubordinate, but only discussing matters of professional ethics with another professional. They were engaged in medical sciences and initiated the first translation projects of medical texts.

Materials include pharmaceuticals, non-phar- maceutical supplies and any other goods that health facil- ities require to produce health care. Kluwer Academic Publishers; However, the fact that the study Page 11 of 13 page number not for citation purposes Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation3: This could significantly contribute toward ensuring equitable availability of maternal healthcare services in the state.

Since our establishment inwe have been innovating and implementing both paper-based and computerised systems for primary health care PHC and hospitals mainly in resource constrained settings.

Limitations of the study Health promotion strategies and methods may be crucial It could be argued that the objective function of health in inducing the necessary demand for services mentioned facilities is to maximise health gains from available above in order to reduce technical inefficiencies in health resources.

So far, the approach has been applied to health facilities in only three countries, i. Anything else creates a conflict in which a professional has a choice between pleasing their manager and doing the right thing, a conflict that is too easy to resolve by pleasing their manager.

Strengths of DEA The four outputs for each individual health centre were: Conflicts of interest and funding The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest.

One of the five underlying objectives of the two programmes of work is "improved efficiency in health services delivery". A DEA study of primary health care health care. Upon notification from the school district in which the temporary shelter is located, the school district in which the child would otherwise reside, if identified, shall either pay tuition to the school district in which the temporary shelter is located for the child to attend school in that district or shall continue to provide educational services, including transportation, to such child.

In many states, the public-policy exceptions have been created by the legislature in statute s that specifically gives the ex-employee the right to sue for wrongful discharge.

The supervisor then ordered him to certify that "the repair had been performed satisfactorily and the aircraft was fit for return to service. For example, in St Giles, the master and brothers ate in the common hall while sisters ate by themselves. The life expectancy at birth in Ghana is Measuring efficiency of deci- sion-making units.

A district hospital provides support to sub-dis- of existing regulatory bodies and laws [6,7]. Kirigia JM, Sambo LG, Scheel H. Technical efficiency of public clinics in Kwazulu-Natal province of South Africa.

East Afr Med J ; S Marschall P, Flessa S. The Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Technical Assistance Manual Covering State and Local Government Programs and Services Introduction.

This technical assistance manual addresses the requirements of title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which applies to the operations of State and local governments. The report published by the energy consultancy Ecofys confirms the huge, untapped potential for energy savings that could be achieved by retrofitting technical building systems.

Learn more about energy efficiency in buildings. The North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center has always striven to keep DSIRE a free and open resource, providing valuable information on thousands of policies and incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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Our Vision. Development and implementation of sustainable and integrated Health Information Systems that empower communities, healthcare workers and decision makers to improve the coverage, quality and efficiency of health services.

Method. All public sector hospitals (N = 30) were included in the study.

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Hospital capacity utilization ratios and the data envelopment analysis (DEA) technique were used to assess technical efficiency.

Technical efficiency of public district hospitals
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