Reggie miller speach

At the time White was still an unproven entity, but his anonymity did not last long. Favre thanked all of his family members, coaches and teammates, paying many compliments to his wife, Deanna, who introduced him.

Williams is known for advocating for Negro League players to be included in the Hall of Fame during his speech.

Reggie Miller

The Danettes[ edit ] Patrick is joined on the air by the "Danettes": Chris Webber, who was also a great player and might yet become a great color commentator, is figuring the stylistic part off, but seems to have the fast-twitch brain, instinctual generosity and verbal deftness to pull all this off.

Patrick will often mockingly speak to ESPN management directly while on air, in large part after discovering thoughts or news he has been able to divulge from guests appearing on his show are later found on ESPN programs or website, without giving credit or mentioning "The Dan Patrick Show" as their source.

With two shots to go, he trailed by one point. He just prefers not to. Miller also went out of his way to praise his family, especially older sister Cheryl Miller -- a Hall of Famer herself and who is recognized as one of the top women to ever play basketball.

Video: Reggie Miller thanks Cheryl Miller in tearful Naismith Hall of Fame induction speech

First they defeated Boston, which had been suffering persistent injuries. Like I said, whatever was needed, he would step forward and do whatever it took to get the job done.

Thomas also co-owns the waste removal's sister company, RE3 Recycling, with his daughter, Lauren Thomas. After his parents' separation, he lived with his mother.

2018 Basketball Hall of Fame live blog

If I had not gained acceptance at that time in my life, I would not be standing here today. Patrick did this so he would not be as inconvenienced following Football Night in America's late ending on Sunday nights. He explained that his reason for wanting to make the Hall of Fame was to honor his father and acknowledge how important he was in his life.

There are great basketball broadcasters who make a similar choice; it may be a stretch to call Bill Walton a great broadcaster, but his deconstructive digressions and inclination towards goofy-grandiose overstatement at least suggest a big mind choosing to do something strange, live and on air.

Miller understands basketball's fine points and little leverages and quirks every bit as well as he did during his playing years, and his uncanny ability to translate that understanding into real-time results was a huge part of what made Miller so great for so long.

I saw that and that kind of registered in my mind.

Reggie Miller snubbed by Basketball Hall of Fame

I stand out on the ballpark in the parking lot waiting for Reggie Jackson to give me a[n] autograph. Henderson talked about how his dream was originally to play football for the Raiders, saying he was "tricked" into getting out of bed with doughnuts and hot chocolate to go play baseball.

He served until. The Dan Patrick Show is a syndicated radio and television sports talk show hosted by former ESPN personality Dan is currently produced by AT&T Sports Networks and.


While Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce were not in the building, Allen did not ignore them in his speech. but started with some special words for fellow NBA sharpshooter Reggie Miller, who. Seattle Supersonics legend Gary Payton was enshrined in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame on Sunday.

Here's his enshrinement speech, via PBT. As if Reggie Miller's induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame wasn't newsworthy in and of itself, Miller also admitted to what many basketball fans knew for a long time. According to the.

Reggie Miller Biography. Reginald Wayne Miller was born August 24, and is a retired American professional basketball player.

Miller spent the entirety of his. Bliss said Ben and Ali Jafari own the building and asked her to paint the mural of Reggie as a gift to the people of Indiana.

UVF supergrass case: Stewart admits Miller speech mistake

The painting depicts Miller from his days as a Pacer in the mid 's.

Reggie miller speach
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