Intergroup conflict in india

Understanding and Responding to Intergroup Conflict: Toward an Integrated Analysis

The negotiation process consists of five stages: Our instinctive behaviors will cause us to damage one another in ways that we will all deeply regret over time because of how much damage those behaviors will cause us all.

Internal differences are undercommunicated, and moreover, in the wider political context, equality values are discarded for ostensible cultural reasons. The conflicts between groups are referred to as intergroup conflicts.

What Are the Causes of Intergroup Conflict?

We need to understand how huge that risk is. This could give us a chance to find out the answer to the famous old Zen Koan — What is the sound of one hand clapping.

It is caused by different perceptions that different individuals hold about the same object or goal. The function of a refrigerator is to generate inward coldness, but in order to do so, it more or less inadvertently, as a side-effect, creates outward warmth.

Those are not hypothetical or theoretical dangers or risks. This chapter sets out to do three things: General Overviews Christie, et al. These divisions can handicap your organization and lead to a failure to perceive opportunities for cooperation and mutual gain. There are more than two hundred multi-ethnic conflicts going on in the world today.

Although hindutva seems to promote equality among Hindus, an implication of its traditionalist Hinduism is the reinvigoration of the caste system, which in effect benefits only the "twice-born" castes.

This is because groups tie less emotions to out-group members than their in-group members and therefore they perceive the out-group members to be less emotionally complex. Cults and gangs can both trigger a powerful sense of Us for the people who are in cults and gangs.


If results are not in favour of people who strongly oppose certain decisions, they do not wish to work in those organisations and look for other job outlets. In order to maximise profits, production department may want to produce limited varieties in large volume so that costs are minimised.

Russia and China both have a number of internal ethnic groups who aspire to self-governance, and those groups are not likely to have that aspiration blessed by the people who run either of those countries. Send your comments to kelloggscorner livemint. This diversity, although beneficial in many ways, can also lead to tensions resulting in conflict between groups.

Psychology Definition of INTERGROUP CONFLICT: The term for disagreement or confrontation between two or more groups and their members. This may involve physical violence, interpersonal discord and.

Group conflict, or hostilities between different groups, is a feature common to all forms of human social organization (e.g., sports teams, ethnic groups, nations, religions, gangs), and also occurs in social animals. Intergroup conflict Sources. uncontroversial and underlies many other theories of intergroup relations: it is an accepted wisdom that people tend to reduce the complexity of the social world by transforming innumerable fuzzy differences between individuals into few clear dichotomies (Allport ; Tajfel ).

Intragroup conflict (or infighting) refers to conflict between two or more members of the same group or team.

Reducing Intergroup Conflict Through Contact

In recent years, intragroup conflict has received a large amount of attention in conflict and group dynamics literature. Causes and consequences of intergroup conflict in cooperative banded mongooses.

Conflict between groups is a notable feature of many animal societies. Recent theoretical models suggest that violent intergroup conflict can shape patterns of within-group cooperation. Intergroup conflict is known to carry large potential costs such as.

Understanding and Responding to Intergroup Conflict: Toward an Integrated Analysis Abstract and Keywords Conflicts based in ethnic, religious, and racial differences continue to erupt around the world, despite decades of intervention and scholarly research.

INTERGROUP CONFLICT Intergroup conflict in india
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