Insights as a treasurer

Embody a trusted advisory role, especially on risk. The survey found treasurers paying much closer attention to counterparty risks and cyberthreats. In addition, lower barriers to entry, greater product choice, and sophisticated financial services integration platforms have commoditized some core bank offerings and led to greater disintermediation.

Should TMS, ERP providers, and new nonbanking players gain ground, banks could lose the direct interface they currently enjoy with their corporate customers. Treasurers flagged the following four areas as especially decisive.

In conversation with SVP and Treasurer Colleen Ostrowski

A Rapidly Evolving Digital Landscape The digital technology landscape has introduced an array of platforms, expanded the functionality available on those platforms, and opened the market to nontraditional competitors.

Throughout my career I have spent a significant amount of time on treasury systems.

Revisiting the treasurer’s role in an IPO

The treasury mandate now encompasses a full set of balance sheet responsibilities: Treasurers are especially interested in peer group metrics and customized recommendations on cash velocity, gearing ratios, bad debt, cost of finance, and days outstanding.

In addition, interviews were conducted with 25 corporate treasurers and CFOs at multinational organizations included in the survey. Other corporate functions beyond treasury may feel differently. Orchestrate the full treasury ecosystem.

We believe corporate treasurers are likely to remain on the sidelines in the coming months when it comes to mobile applications for professional finance: They want banks to go further in simplifying administrative tasks, especially those related to compliance procedures.

Training and advisory services to help clients apply and integrate local regulations would also attract strong interest. This was true across regions except for the Asia-Pacific region, where it ranked third and segments. Agile in the Afternoon.

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Banks are well positioned to help treasurers address these key risks by providing advanced risk-management tools, such as credit risk assessments, proprietary perspectives, and advisory offerings that help treasurers with long-term financial investments.

And although public rankings often conflate market leadership with service leadership, our survey showed that treasurers do not see any bank leading the market on service quality. Client centricity is key. The lion's share of Washington state lottery earnings that are directed back to government programs, do in fact go to education.

Here are the top 25 Treasurer profiles on LinkedIn. Get all the articles, experts, jobs, and insights you need. Insights | The Digital Treasurer of the Future Technology Landscape The falling cost of technology and a shift in attention by technology start-ups and venture capitalists.

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Corporate Treasury Insights 2015

This latest report – the sixth we have published – is the most detailed set of insights yet into treasury’s role within global business. It reveals a continuing, palpable shift in the role of treasurer, from finance specialist and information provider to collaborator in strategic decision-making.

Corporate Treasury Insights 2016: It’s All About Security and Client Experience

The Treasurer insight. LATEST INSIGHT. A few words with Experienced treasurer Charlotte Morgan tells Matt Packer how she became an independent non-executive director. RECENT INSIGHTS. A few words with.

Insights as a treasurer
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Corporate Treasury Insights It’s All About Security and Client Experience